Riviera Maya offers luxury resorts, lovely beaches, turquoise waters and white sand, archeological sites, picturesque little towns, diversion centers, freshwater lagoons, underwater caves, cenotes, ecological, and food and lodging choices ranging from rustic cottages to glistening condos, 5-star hotels, and all-inclusive resorts.

Here you can be seduced by a fantastic culinary tour, experiencing the regional cuisine prepared using the inherited Mayan recipes. Concerning the nightlife, Riviera Maya offers an exciting and cosmopolitan option with a vast array of bars and nightclubs along the shore.

It is an ideal setting for love, which makes it a favorite of people who want a beach wedding or an unforgettable honeymoon.

There are various events and festivals held in Riviera Maya throughout the year, and among the top annual events in Playa del Carmen is the Jazz Festival which occurs during November.

The climate is tropical with close 250 days a year of warm sunshine while the average temperature is 75-77oF approximately. Visit For luxury resorts in Riviera Maya, and the best vacations ever in Mexico.